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Member Highlight

Christine Jaques

Owner and only coach at AX Fitness

Christine is a certified personal trainer, wellness coach and group fitness instructor that offers the gift of change through fitness, wellness and community.  Her motivational style has been developed through years of training and being fortunate enough to have outstanding coaches influence her life.  Christine believes in functional and sustainable fitness. She demonstrates a traditional, athletic, grassroots approach to training. She feels strongly that fitness is a lifestyle, fitness looks different on everyone and that fitness should be accessible to everyone in a safe and inclusive environment.  When people sweat together, they accomplish goals together and they become a community. Surrounded by community, a tribe, a group of humans that we can call “our people” nurtures our overall well being.

The AX Fitness program began in 2011. AX Fitness was designed to offer a total body workout that increases functional strength, cardio capacity, muscular endurance, and metabolic rate. AX Fitness training utilizes a MAX interval style by creatively implementing a variety of body weight, HIIT and tabata style exercises. We use a variety of equipment from weights, spin cycles and kickboxing bags to name a few. The workouts change each week, so that your body doesn't plateau and you continue to see and feel results. Christine has worked with a wide range of individuals from high school and college athletes to senior fitness classes and everyone in between.  If you want to see serious results and have fun, these unique programs can benefit your body in ways that you have never experienced before. 

A personal note from Christine's Website:
"I have been an athlete most of my life. Most notably a competitive runner. I have participated in a number of sports as well as coached, managed and been an officiant. My passion for fitness and healthy lifestyles has come naturally to me. I know that is not the case for many folks and that detail has not been missed on me. Approximately 16 years ago, I was diagnosed with an auto-imune disease. After endless hours of research and speaking to professionals, I decided that I would approach it from a holistic standpoint. I began to run again and I pursued my personal training certification. I changed my overall lifestyle and switched careers. I have successfully maintained my health as a result and I can help you reach your goals and maintain your health as well." 

Services offered at AX Fitness:

•    Small Group Fitness
•    Virtual and In Person Personal Training:
•    BrewFit Social


To learn more about class options, pricing and discounts please contact Christine at: christine @ or go to the website:


While the Nokomis East neighborhood of South Minneapolis is made up of four primary communities (Keewaydin, Minnehaha, Morris Park and Wenonah), we encourage other Nokomis area businesses (outside of the quadrant) to participate in NEBA.

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