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Nokomis Treasures: Clue Answers


CLUE 1: “Round and around you go! A place to improve your proficiency before hitting the trail.” Bike Skills Course on the Parkway

CLUE 2: “Is it Nokomis life? Or a dog’s life?” Nokomis Life Mural (Nokomis Tattoo Building)

CLUE 3: “Gathering place for those in the Southeast of Our East.” Morris Park Community Center

CLUE 4: “This is the abode of a once lengthy guy.” Longfellow House

CLUE 5: "Fir, pine, or spruce, this tree's aglow for the whole neighborhood’s use." Oxendale’s Christmas Tree

CLUE 6: “Toy, miniature, or standard, this one tops them all! Always present to greet passersby.” Poodle Statue Inside Wendy’s Doghouse Window

CLUE 7: “Roger Federer might stop by here on his way to a walk around the lake.” Tennis Courts at Nokomis Community center

CLUE 8: “Halfway to 100, from here you venture south or north ON our city's iron horse.” 50th Street Light Rail Station

CLUE 9: “Boundary Waters best-known vessels need a place to rest.” Canoe Racks on the North Side of the Lake

CLUE 10: “Shh! Quiet! This beautiful neighborhood building is a real study!” Nokomis Library

CLUE 11: “The canine companion bellowed as she gazed toward the heavens.” Baying at The Moon (dog sculpture - East Side of Lake Nokomis)

CLUE 12: “It seems the neighborhood waited forever to span this crossing as sparkling water passed.” New 28th Avenue Bridge Over Minnehaha Creek

CLUE 13: “The percussionist’s perspective from the coast was toward points north.” Shoreview Triangle

CLUE 14: "Though a beloved group has moved on, good things are still raised in this once hallowed place.” NENA’s Community Garden at Saint James on the Parkway

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